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Invest in “Invention Investment Funds” Instead of Startups

An “Invention Investment Fund” is a vehicle designed to receive investments made by ordinary investors to acquire a direct ownership interest in new ideas and inventions. The Invention Investment Families, through the Invention Investment Funds, accomplishes this by directly investing in such ideas and inventions themselves, instead of the companies in which ideas and inventions are typically contained (i.e., “direct investments in ideas and inventions, and not in startups”).

There are many reasons why you should invest in innovation directly. Here are just a few:


With the prospect of more than fifty Invention Investment Funds, coupled with untold number of ideas and inventions in each of the Funds, the sky is the limit.

<strong>Lower Risk</strong>

Lower Risk

Investing with AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Funds lowers your investment risk. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.   The money is invested in clearly-defined “lower-risk” inventions, versus less focused, ambiguous “higher-risk” startup companies.

2.   Investments are made in something “concrete” i.e., partial ownership of inventions and the related intellectual property, not “blue sky” securities in a startup companies.

3.   Maximum capital invested in any single invention is $75,000 (versus, potentially, millions of dollars in a startup company), invested in three separate tranches – for each tranche for which investment is approved, milestones must be previously achieved and an additional % of ownership in the invention must be surrendered (projected aggregate average: 20%).

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<strong>Invest Directly in Innovation, Not Startups</strong>

Invest Directly in Innovation, Not Startups

Investing in innovation by investing in startups is inefficient.

In fact, startup companies are actually a drag on the retail investor’s return from innovation investing.  That’s because before you, the retail investor, is allowed to invest in a high-flying startup, all the people who come before you (founders, co-founders, lawyers, accountants, business development specialists, investment bankers and stock brokers) get to take a piece out of the pie first.

At AOS, we invest in innovation directly, not through costly and failure-prone startups.

When you invest your money in one or more AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Funds, you know that your dollars are having a direct impact on the development and ultimate commercialization of the inventions contained in the Fund.  No costly middle men, resulting in more of the value of that idea or innovation ending up in your pocket, instead of someone else’s. 

Every dollar of yours that we invest, will come back to you with a return that gives you what you need and helps you to retire in comfort in the future. And, that’s because we use the best inventing industry practices, practices that are efficient and cost conscious, allowing us to identify, develop and ultimately commercialize the best of the best innovation investment opportunities that come our way at the least possible cost.

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<strong>Investment Caps</strong>

Investment Caps

Unlike venture capitalists, angels and downstream institutional investors (like Fidelity, public pension funds, and the like), at AOS we don’t believe in over-investing in any one idea or invention.

From our many years in the inventing industry helping clients develop and commercialize their inventions, we’ve learned that for a minimal investment of no more than $75,000, any idea or innovation should be able to demonstrate its commercial viability.  We know that if it doesn’t achieve that milestone after that level of investment, then 99% of the time that invention will never go anywhere.

At AOS, our philosophy is, rather than continue to throw money down the proverbial “rathole”, we will cut our losses and move on. The temptation that “if we just held on for one more day, put a little more money into it”, however tantalizing, is, more often than not, a fool’s errand.

By approaching invention investment in this way, while we may, infrequently, but occasionally, have a failure, we’ll never, ever suffer a disaster.  And, that’s good news for you, the investor.

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<strong>Exceptional Diversification</strong>

Exceptional Diversification

Over time, AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Funds will provide a  far greater opportunity for significant portfolio diversification than any existing, competing product.

At present, there are plans for six “Invention Investment Families”, with each Family serving as an “umbrella” for a minimum of three different Invention Investment Funds (Funds I thru III).  As each of the six Families fulfills its mission of creating a minimum of three funds apiece, there’s an opportunity in the future for even more Families (and their related funds) to be rolled out.

In addition, each Invention Investment Fund is capable of holding, literally, not thirty (like venture capital funds) or hundreds (like mutual funds) but, literally, thousands of opportunities to invest in innovation. These inventions will come, not only from career serial independent inventors, but also from those individuals among members of the general public who are capable of coming up with that one great idea (with some estimates putting that number as high as 11 million people).1

With the many currently envisioned funds, funds that may be added in the future and the greater capacity for each fund to hold many, many more investments than competing investment funds, we envision the AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Fund becoming the ultimate “gold standard” for future portfolio diversification.

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<strong>"No Load" Funds | Below Market Management Fees</strong>

"No Load" Funds | Below Market Management Fees

At AOS, we believe the secret in life is to not be too greedy.

This principle extends to our own compensation. Thus, our compensation structure is extremely modest, allowing us to provide greater returns to you, the retail investor.  This includes:

No load funds: No upfront or back-end management fees when you’re investing in, or exiting from, your AOS-sponsored investments1

Strict elimination of unnecessary overhead: AOS strives to ensure that each AOS-sponsored fund is run with “thin” overhead, reducing operating costs to the lowest level possible. This includes:

— There are never more than two staff members (both of whom serve as executive officers of the fund) at the fund level. Instead, all day-to-day management functions are performed by an outsourced management company (“OSMC”), relieving the funds of the necessity of having to “staff-up” in order to conduct day-to-day operations

— Balanced against this “flat” staffing, each fund has its own, independent Board of Directors.  Each of these boards is charged with directing policy and controlling all important decision-making. In consideration for their service, each Board member receives a small honorarium ($200) for each regular monthly, or special, meeting they attend.

— Absent prior shareholder approval, OSMC’s compensation will never exceed $60,000/month. This single monthly fee is paid by the funds collectively, i.e., each fund contributes its pro rata share based on the number of funds then outstanding. For example, if there are five funds outstanding, each fund would pay 1/5 of the fee, or $12,000 per month.

Modest management compensation: Without prior fund shareholder approval:

— There will never be more than twelve managers managing the AOS-sponsored funds’; and

— No manager will ever receive more than $5,000 per month in compensation (which includes both salary and bonus)2, with many receiving compensation at substantially lower levels.

With these types of limitations and structures in place, those making an investment in innovation can be assured that, no matter what, AOS managers will never get rich at your expense.

1. A nominal handling fee will be assessed (i) at the time of account opening, (ii) to cover the cost of any redemptions, and (iii) at the time of account closing.

2. Immediately prior to the time of the first outside funding (under either Title III or Title IV of the JOBS Act) of any AOS-sponsored fund, OSMC will receive a grant of restricted stock (in the amount of 380,000 Class B shares of such fund), for which it has paid a discounted price and which will vest at the rate of 1/36 per month until vested in full.

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<strong>Superior Returns</strong>

Superior Returns

Here are some of the reasons why AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Funds will produce superior returns for you:

1. Your money is put to work in “ceiling-limited” investments (i.e., never more than $75,000 per invention) versus “higher-risk” startups (where the downside potential can exceed several million dollars).

2. Investments made in inventions is for something “concrete” i.e., partial ownership interest in the inventions themselves (along with their related intellectual property), not in hyper-inflated securities of overvalued startup.

3. Capital invested in any single invention is invested incrementally in three separate tranches –  with milestones being set for permitted draw downs of each tranche.

4. Before receiving any funding, the inventor must agree beforehand to the terms of the Fund’s exit, in most cases through either a license agreement or outright sale of the invention to a third party.

5. Management compensation is modest and below market. 

6. Managers help manage (subject to approval by a Fund’s Board of Directors) the Fund’s investments. Each Fund is dedicated to a specific industry or, for larger industries, industry segment.

7. In every case, the initial offering by a Fund to members of the general public under Title III or Title IV of the JOBS Act, will provide to those  investors a right to receive one hundred percent (100%) of their capital back prior to any distribution to any earlier or subsequent shareholders in the Fund.

8. There are no upfront or back-end fees. OSMC merely receives reimbursement of moderate, reasonable and necessary business expenses incurred by OSMC on behalf of the Funds.

Given the smaller, maximum amount of money invested (i.e., $75,000) per investment opportunity, the potentially significantly greater number of investments in a Fund, the modest management compensation and the significant invention industry experience that the professionals at AOS bring to the party, AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Funds represent a tremendous opportunity for a greatly enhanced rate of return at a much lower risk profile then offered by the competition. 

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